Introduction of LikeCoin validator cyberG

3 min readSep 15, 2021


This is an introduction of LikeCoin validator cyberG

Greetings, my friends!
My name is Vadim Kushnir. I live in Ukraine, and I’m in crypto for over 4 years.
My validation experience is over 3 years.
I’m an active participant in many main-nets and test-nets, and LikeCoin — one of my favorite Networks!
Mainly, I validate Tendermint & Substrate based chains, but also Solana, Avalanche, Mina Protocol and many others.
I’m involved in big amount of interesting projects and communities, and my ambassador experience truly great!
I’m real fan of the Decentralized Web techs and DeFi.

For the moment, I validate 11 main-nets, and LikeCoin one of them. If you are interesting in the full list of main-nets — welcome to my web-page:

You will find there not only list of main-nets, but also list of test-nets (for the moment I validate 17 test-nets, and I already finished 18 another test-nets)

Also, at my web-page, you can find a list of my ambassador campaigns (for now, I’m an ambassador of 18 projects)

When I’ve began to validate (it was in 2018), I don’t even think that it will became a part of my daily life. And now, more than 3 years later, I understand, that I don’t want to stop to validate!

My professional level grew up with every day, and now I help to other people to became a professional validators. I’m a mentor in Validator School, together with 2 other validators of LikeCoin: web34ever and POSTHUMAN

For such long period of validation, I understand, that to be a validator is more than just providing security to the Network. And I try not only validate networks, but support networks!

Right now, I prepare a guide “How to deploy node of LikeCoin on Akash”, and you will see this guide very soon!

Commission of my validator in LikeCoin — just 5%. I’m interested in Decentralized Social Networks, and think that LikeCoin is one of the best examples of Decentralized Social Network, and how it need to be!

You can see the stats of my validator at Bigdipper Block Explorer:

If you are interesting in getting connection with me, you can contact me at LikeCoin Community Calls. And of course, we can speak at such events like a Public Testnet Upgrade:

I try to participate in all events that are somehow related to validation. You can see me at The Validator Show:

Hope soon, I will have a chance to participate in The Validator Show about LikeCoin, and share my knowledge with others!

I’m waiting for the time, when decentralized media will became more popular than centralized media, but for now, you can contact me with: