Various Aspects of Axelar

There was Bitcoin in the beginning, only one chain that could dominate them all, until additional chains began to appear. To name a few, there’s Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Cardano. There is definitely a future in which cross-chain interoperability is mainstream.

Sergey Gorbunov was…

Привет, сообщество.

Хотел бы рассказать о крутым протоколе из экосистемы Polygon — Defi протокол который позволят использовать лимит-ордера при торговле через DEX.

Переходим на

Подключаем кошелек Metamask нажав на кнопку “Connect Wallet”

What is Goldfinch? Goldfinch expands access to capital in emerging markets where crypto can truly empower financial inclusion.

How it works
The protocol works by providing lines of credit to credit companies. These companies use their lines of credit to receive stable coins from the pool and then exchange them…

Перед установкой Akash определяем переменные среды

AKASH_VERSION="$(curl -s "$AKASH_NET/version.txt")"
export AKASH_CHAIN_ID="$(curl -s "$AKASH_NET/chain-id.txt")"
export AKASH_NODE="$(curl -s "$AKASH_NET/rpc-nodes.txt" | shuf -n 1)"

Устанавливаем Akash (Linux)

curl | sh -s -- "v$AKASH_VERSION"
cp ./bin/akash /usr/local/bin/

Добрый день, сообщество Zeigeist! Я хочу рассказать Вам о рынках предсказаний.

Что такое рынок предсказаний?

Рынки прогнозов, которые ещё иногда называются информационными рынками, фьючерсами на идеи, производными инструментами на события, представляют собой биржевые рынки, на которых люди торгуют результатами будущего события в форме событийных контрактов . …

About Moonriver

The Moonriver is a smart contract platform extracted from its sister network called “Moonbeam’. This platform is found to be fully compatible with Ethereum and can deploy all of its tools to develop solidity projects in a Substrate-based environment. …

The Graph

Web3 and original Web

Web3 and blockchain technologies have become one of the breakthrough things over the past decade. Free software began its development from the beginning of the development of the Internet, but under the influence of the monopolies of large corporations, the Internet has lost a significant part of its freedom and…

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