Jun 12, 2021

5 min read

What is Moonriver?

About Moonriver

  • Minimal changes
  • Languages
  • Use of existing tools and front-ends
  • Unified addresses, signatures, and accounts
  • Subscribe-Publish capabilities

Expectations from Moonriver

Moonriver Crowdloan

  • A crowdloan will be developed to fund the auction bidding for Moonriver.
  • Nearly 30% of the Moonriver network tokens will be rewarded to the contributors.
  • 30% of the rewards will be available immediately to claim while the rest of 70% will be vesting throughout lease.
  • Contributions will be made through the Moonriver crowdloan DApp.

Contributions towards crowdloans

  1. Contributing via the Moonriver Crowdloan DApp


  • The initial 30% of the total rewards will be available to claim upon the successful launch of the Moonriver parachain.
  • The remaining 70% of rewards will vest over the lease duration.